BOMBSHELL Found In Comey’s Edited Drafts Proves Trump Was Framed

As all the more harming data turns out with respect to previous and current FBI authorities, it is getting to be perfectly clear that the FBI was exceptionally politicized and was at last endeavoring to secure Hillary Clinton and casing Donald Trump. (Video Below)

Recently discharged archives that were given to Sen. Ron Johnson and have since been given over to the media, indicates drafts that previous FBI Director James Comey composed and altered different circumstances previously he opened up to the world. The last draft unmistakably indicates how Comey diluted real discoveries by the FBI in regards to Hillary Clinton’s email embarrassment. Look at the altered drafts that were a piece of Johnson’s examining letter to the FBI beneath:

Comey’s Edited Drafts:

According to Fox News,

Comey said it was “reasonably likely” that “hostile actors” gained access to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email account. That was changed later to say the scenario was merely “possible.”

It additionally appears in the records over that Comey at first called Clinton and her associates “horribly careless” and after that transformed it “to a great degree reckless” before declaring his choice. This is a key legitimate qualification. There are a few other major alters that were found in Comey’s drafts, as should be obvious above. (Video Below)

Fox News affirmed Anti-Trump Peter Strzok, some time ago with the FBI, was the individual who changed the dialect from “terribly careless” “to a great degree thoughtless.”

Ron Johnson’s Letter to the FBI:

Ron Johnson, expounded on his worries in a letter Thursday to FBI Director Christopher Wray, as the first draft demonstrated Hillary carried out the wrongdoing of misusing ordered material. Johnson composed:

“While the exact dates of the alters and characters of the editors are not evident from the reports, the alters seem to change the tone and substance of Director Comey’s announcement in no less than three regards.”

“In synopsis, the alters to Director Comey’s open articulation, made a very long time before the finish of the FBI’s examination of Secretary Clinton’s lead, significantly affected the FBI’s open assessment of the ramifications of her activities.”

Johnson at that point voiced worries that Strzok was associated with the altering of the archives after as of late got instant messages demonstrate his nauseate with Trump and considered making a “protection arrangement” against Trump’s decision. Johnson composed:

“This exertion, found in light of the individual animus toward then-competitor Trump by senior FBI operators driving the Clinton examination and their evident want to make a ‘protection arrangement’ against Mr. Trump’s decision, bring up significant issues about the FBI’s part and conceivable impedance in the 2016 presidential race and the part of similar operators in Special Counsel Mueller’s examination by President Trump.”

Victoria Tossing claims the most recent drafts demonstrates the FBI was attempting to ensure Hillary and edge Trump! Watch This:


This most recent disclosure will probably copy an opening through Mueller’s witch chase against Trump, which has so far prompted no proof of Russian intrigue. Do you believe Mueller’s arrangement was all piece of the “protection approach” concocted by Strzok? Remark your considerations beneath and please share this data.


Source: Dagger News


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