BREAKING: Tom Brady Asks To Bo Traded To A Team Of ‘Real Patriots’ After Sunday’s Disgrace

Tom Brady, five-time Super Bowl Champion and statistically the greatest quarterback of all time, is ready to leave his team of nearly 20 years for a more “patriotic” environment. According to his spokesman, Art Trubolls:


“Tom loves coach Belichick and he cherishes his time in Foxboro, but when he looked next to him and saw 15 players take a knee during the National Anthem, he made the decision right then and there to leave.”

Patriots owner Bob Craft says if his star player wants to leave he won’t stand in his way.

Several teams have shown an interest in Brady, but the stipulation will be that not a single player takes a knee during the anthem or he walks. That will narrow the field, considering the NFL is full of liberal crybabies.

Brady is forfeiting nearly $30 million t9o make the move, a price he says is “nothing compared to the sacrifice of our war heroes.”

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