BREAKING: Top Democrat Tied Directly To Russia. Time For Impeachment?

The Left is blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump. The mainstream media always tries to tie Russia to Trump, but they always fail, because it is not true.

Ironically, the Democrats are guilty of the same crimes they accuse Trump of having committed. Maxine Waters held an honorary seat with the Workers World Party, a radical pro-Russian political organization that is often used as a Russian propaganda machine. Where is the outrage?

The Left hates to admit their crimes. It is the same story every day;  a liberal commits some horrible crime, and then the mainstream media buries the story. They are so predictable. They are anti-American cowards.

The mainstream media cannot allow stories like this to surface, because then it would force them to admit their dishonesty. The leftist media machine cannot tolerate honesty.

The media is desperate; it is sad. They should shut down their networks, or at least admit they are a joke. I’m surprised Stephen Colbert isn’t a news host for one of their so-called “News Reporting Shows.”

We cannot take the mainstream media seriously. They have proven they are a dishonest propaganda machine for the Left. They don’t care about the truth; in fact, they actively ignore the truth.

The Left will deploy any tactic to discredit honest conservatives. After eight years of Obama, the Left has only strengthened conservatism. The Left tries to paint us as “racists.” They don’t realize that their hateful rhetoric has grown our ranks.

We are a more unified group because of the lying Democrats and the hateful media. They imply that we are stupid, uneducated, and racist. Really? Do these people even understand a hard day’s work? I would love to watch a journalist try to cut lumber.

We built this country. We are the silent majority. We have put more sweat and tears into this country than any so-called “journalist.” We demand respect. We demand respect for our children in the military and our fellow veterans.

These leftist thugs hate us. They hate hard work. They don’t understand why we voted for Trump. They are truly detached. It is sad. We cannot rely on the media or the Left to look out for us.

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump. At least Trump understands us. He is working hard to bring jobs back to our country. He is working to strengthen our communities. This is exactly what our country needs.

Would you fire Maxine Waters? Let America know!

We will not sit by and let these journalists insult us. We need to see more accountability for these corrupt Democrats and their media shills. We need to support our president, so that we can get that wall built. We need to make America great again!


Source:Succes Street

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