BREAKING: We Just Learned How The NYC Terrorist Immigrated To The United States

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security affirmed on Twitter that the flopped New York City fear based oppressor from before today went to the United States through “chain movement” from Bangladesh.

He entered with an international ID showing a family foreigner visa in 2011. This “chain movement” is precisely the sort of thing that President Trump has cautioned us about before.

This is what they tweeted:

According to Breitbart News, more than 140,000 Bangladeshi nationals — larger than the population of Dayton, Ohio — have entered the United States since 2005 for no other reason than to reunite with extended family members.

  • 8,508 Bangladeshi nationals entered U.S. in 2005 as chain migrants
  • 9,936 entered in 2006
  • 7,765 entered in 2007
  • 7,795 entered in 2008
  • 12,974 entered in 2009
  • 11,407 entered in 2010
  • 13,136 entered in 2011
  • 13,379 entered in 2012
  • 11,346 entered in 2013
  • 14,170 entered in 2014
  • 13,034 entered in 2015
  • 18,051 entered in 2016
  • Since 2005, 141,501 Bangladeshi nationals have entered U.S. as chain migrants

This is the second time in three months that a foreign-born suspected terrorist entered the U.S. through an immigration program that Trump has called for the end to.

Incidents like this is why we are in favor of EXTREME VETTING. We need to know exactly who is coming into the country and what they believe about our great nation.

If they have ANY history of Anti-American beliefs, they must NOT be let in!


Source: I Love My Freedom

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