Elizabeth Warren Leads Accusation Against GOP For Being Mass Murderers, ‘Millions’ Will Die!


While the GOP celebrates the progress made on the new American Health Care Act, Elizabeth Warren isn’t happy. ““Families will go bankrupt. People will die,” said Warren in response. “Trumpcare isn’t a health care bill. A bill that destroys health care for millions to shovel cash to the rich isn’t a health care bill. This is the same cruel Trumpcare bill that [House Republicans] tried to pass weeks ago. Still strips coverage from millions [and] guts Medicaid,” wrote Warren on Twitter. “This isn’t football. It’s not about scoring points. #AHCA will devastate Americans’ healthcare. Families will go bankrupt. People will die,” she continued. Does she not know that private healthcare is a thing? She wasn’t the only one to react in such a melodramatic way. The Huffington Post writes an article called “House Votes To Let ‘Em Die”. Daily Kos writes “House Republicans vote to sentence millions of Americans to death”. Wow. Mother Jones: “Republicans just voted to take away health care from millions of people” Smarter people are telling the truth about the American Health Care Act. “The best statistical estimate for the number of lives saved each year by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is zero. Certainly, there are individuals who have benefited from various of its provisions. But attempts to claim broader effects on public health or thousands of lives saved rely upon extrapolation from past studies that focus on the value of private health insurance,” explained Oren Cass.


Source: Conservative 101

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