Jennifer Aniston: “Me and all the Trump supporter big names chose to influence a professional Trump to organization named “Famous people For Trump,” which will battle against all hostile to Trump superstars, I think President Trump needs our help”

Performing artist Jennifer Aniston: “Me and All The Trump Supporter Celebrities Decide To Make A Company Named “Big names For Trump”, Which Fight Against All Anti Trump Celebrities, I Think President Trump Needs Our Support”. Do You Support Her?

Another Trump’s superstar supporter, Tim Allen, examined the fraud of Hollywood liberals, who he noted continually whined about Trump being a “domineering jerk,” yet now are the ones doing the tormenting of the modest minority of Trump supporters who work close by them.

“What I find odd in Hollywood is that they didn’t care for Trump since he was a domineering jerk. In any case, in the event that you had any sort of suspicion that you were for Trump, you got harassed for doing that. Furthermore, … it gets somewhat two-faced to me,”

Then again, performing artist Zoe Saldana thinks tormenting from Hollywood helped Trump pull off his amazing win in November.

“We got presumptuous and wound up noticeably pompous and we additionally progressed toward becoming harassers,” Saldana told AFP. “We were attempting to single out a man for every one of these things he was fouling up… and that made compassion in a major gathering of individuals in America that felt terrible for him and that are having faith in his guarantees.”

In any case, there is no doubt about our President being a casualty of Hollywood’s harassing, yet some of them need it halted.


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