Sarah Sanders’ EPIC Response To CNN Reporter Just Set The Internet Ablaze

One more day, another writer with a round excursion ticket on the torment prepare by means of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The liberal media essentially had an aggregate hernia on Tuesday after General John Kelley made a comment about the Civil War. Here is the whole quote:

“[Robert E. Lee] was a man that surrendered his nation to battle for his state which in 150 years prior was more critical than nation. It was dependably dedication to state initially back then. Presently it’s distinctive today. Be that as it may, the absence of a capacity to trade off prompted the Civil War.”

Alright, obviously Kelley was not looking at bargaining on subjugation. He was looking at putting affection for state over adoration for nation.

Also, here, he’s correct Virginian Robert E. Lee was clashed about which side he battled on, yet chose to battle for the Confederacy when Virginia succeeded.

Obviously the media and liberals wherever chose to take his quotes outside the realm of relevance keeping in mind the end goal to influence him and whatever is left of the Trump Administration to appear as though they’re waxing impetuous over the prior to the war South.

The way the left contorts words to encourage their own madness is genuinely surprising. There is no profundity they won’t sink to. It’s implied that servitude isn’t right and that all advanced, sensible individuals denounce subjection unequivocally. That liberals are sullying our national talk with this hogwash demonstrates how frantic they are for any political capital or good high ground. Fortunately, Sarah Sanders didn’t take the snare.


Source: Liberty Writers

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