Spicer “I’d mow Obama’s lawn if he asked”

Sean Spicer says he would mow former President Obama’s lawn if asked.

“If President Obama called me right now today and said ‘hey, come mow my lawn,’ I’d do it because I think that there is something that we all should come together as Americans and want to support our leaders, our elected officials, Republican, Democrat,” the former Trump White House press secretary said on the Fox Business Network on Thursday.

Spicer was reacting to performing artist Tom Hanks, who said he would not go to the White House on the off chance that it screened his new motion picture, “The Post.”

“I think it has turned out to be somewhat cool to state I won’t appear to see the leader of the United States is a dismal critique on where we are,” Spicer proceeded.

“I believe that for individuals like Tom Hanks, who I believe is an extraordinary movie maker and chief, he should lead the pack possibly say, guess what? I need to go converse with the president about these critical issues that were raised in my motion picture in ‘The Post.’ ”

Hanks depicts previous Washington Post supervisor Ben Bradlee in the film, which is about the battle with the Nixon organization to distribute the Pentagon Papers.

Hanks censured Trump for pummeling the media.

“At the present time, no ifs ands or buts, there are individuals in control attempting to — if not subdue or stop the privilege to distribution, criticize it to the point they are stating there is no fact to it at all,” Hanks said.


H/T: The Hill


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