After around 9 months of awkwardness from Congress, it appears they’re at long last starting to think responsibly as we get nearer to the finish of the year.

Not exclusively are they on the very edge of passing a memorable expense change charge, yet they just voted to OVERTURN an Obama-period Mining boycott that will spare 10,000 employments in Minnesota! Moreover, GOP Rep Tom Emmer said that it would likewise transform into BILLIONS of dollars of income for our economy.

Each and every piece makes a difference!

Here’s the story from The Hill:

The House voted Thursday to overturn the Obama administration’s decision to temporarily ban mining in an area of northern Minnesota’s Superior National Forest.

The Minnesota’s Economic Rights in the Superior National Forest, or MINER, Act, passed 216-204, with nearly all Republicans in support and nearly all Democrats opposed.

The Obama administration’s decision, made the day before former President Obama left office, blocked mining for two years in an area of the forest near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

“This is about more than 10,000 jobs which are now at risk because of the lame-duck actions by the Obama administration,” said Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), the bill’s sponsor. His district includes parts of northern Minnesota, but not the area that could be mined.

“This is about billions of dollars in revenue for Minnesota’s economy and billions more in education funding for Minnesota’s schools that are now on the line. This is also about strategically important metals and minerals which are used by Americans every day,” he said.


Billions of additional dollars for the economy AND 10,000 secure occupations? SIGN ME UP! As you read above, pretty much every Democrat in the House was against it, which implies they think more about nature than sparing 10,000 frame being jobless.

This is simply one more motivation behind why we MUST keep the GOP responsible for the House and Senate. In the event that Democrats are left in control, our nation would backpedal into the canal instant.

Little by little, our nation is being made and RICH once more. We can hardly wait to perceive what the following 7 years brings!


Source:  I Love My Freedom

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