The Media Stated Sarah Sanders Lied In Regards To Her Thanksgiving Pie So She Pulls Of The Most Epic Troll

We generally realized that Sarah Sanders was a national fortune, yet now she just solidified her heritage in a way that we never observed coming.

On the off chance that you missed it, WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders heated a Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving and the liberal media called her a liar. They asserted she didn’t generally make the pie, and they blamed her for finding the photo on Google.

Sufficiently clever, Sanders strolled into work today and she trolled the media in the most ideal way possible.

Not exclusively did she record herself influencing the pie to the previous evening on Twitter, however she brought the pies into work today and afterward pointed DIRECTLY at the primary informer and said “I want to have some pie with you at the present time”.

Here’s the manner by which this epic arrangement of occasions worked out…

This was her Twitter thread last night:

Then she showed up to work with the pies….

Then she gave a press conference and OWNED the liberal nut job who questioned her:

And April Ryan had NOTHING to say…

Sarah Sanders, well done m’lady. Well damn done….

Source: I Love My Freedom



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