Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year! Trump is delivering joy and happiness across the country this year — it’s extraordinary to at long last have a president that pays special mind to America.We at long last passed the great assessment bill, and Trump tossed an AWESOME festival.

USA Today:

WASHINGTON – President Trump enthusiastically declared victory on Wednesday after Congress passed a massive tax cut bill, handing him the first major legislative achievement of his 11-month-old presidency.

It’s always a lot of fun when you win,” Trump told Republican lawmakers at a pep rally-like event at the White House. “We broke every record,” he said, referring to the size of the tax cuts. 

After the broad Republican assessment upgrade passed for the most part along partisan loyalties, Trump said in a before articulation that Americans will now get “a major, wonderful tax break for Christmas” and demanded that “America has returned to winning once more.”

Trump had been pushing Republicans difficult to pass the assessment charge before the finish of the year. Having neglected to nullify and supplant President Obama’s human services law, Trump welcomed Republicans over to the White House to trumpet the entry of the duty charge. The tax reductions add up to about $1.5 trillion throughout the following decade.

Wonderful! Trump is doing awesome things for America, I can hardly wait to see my duties go down.

Prior Wednesday, Trump tweeted that McConnell completed a “phenomenal occupation both deliberately and politically” and appeared to be idealistic about their relationship. “I could have not requested a superior or more gifted accomplice,” he tweeted. “Our group will go onto numerous more VICTORIES!”

Be that as it may, it wasn’t all altruism amongst Trump and Congress. At a Cabinet meeting hours sooner, Trump bashed congressional Democrats who called the expense design a giveaway to the rich.

“We completed it,” Trump stated, while Democrats “jump at the chance to grumble, yet they don’t complete it, tragically.”

It’s so pitiful how the Dems continue stalling and advancing Fake News, while Trump continues pushing to settle America. Why are they so negative?

Democrats have cautioned that the expense alleviation benefits supports the rich, and that the loss of reasonings will really bring charges for individuals up in some high-impose states. They likewise say that laws intended to check the shortfall will be activated and could drive slices to Social Security and Medicare.

The assessment charge incorporates one key human services arrangement: Eliminating the individual order that expects Americans to buy some type of medical coverage.

Amid his Cabinet meeting, Trump said that disposing of the individual command adds up to a cancelation of Obamacare: “When the individual order is being revoked that implies Obamacare is being canceled … we have basically canceled Obamacare and we will concoct something much better.”

What are your thoughts on Tax Bill?


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