Trump To Release The Names Of Sexual Predators In Congress!

Senior Patriot – It’s difficult to trust that individuals from Congress had the chutzpah to set up a mystery support, paid for by citizens, to hush the casualties of their undesirable sexual demands.  But they did, by and by demonstrating their entire dismissal for the general population that compensation their pay rates.

What’s more, the measure of cash paid to quiet their casualties in the course of recent decades is amazing:

Seventeen and a quarter million dollars were spent to conceal the sexual faults – including assault – in 264 detailed episodes. What number of more assaults went unreported? Installments arrived at the midpoint of $65,306 per strike. That is genuinely noteworthy quiet cash however it deteriorates.

In one year the normal installment was just shy of $4oo,000. That was the normal. That normal needed to have been skewed by maybe a couple gigantic payouts considering the aggregate payout for the 50 settlements in the five years before that year was $382,000.

Presently writer Trey Yingst has tweeted that President Trump needs the names of these predators to be made open.

There are no less than two great reasons that Trump would need their names to be made open.

First, as we have learned from the establishment’s attack on Roy Moore and their stated intent to block him from being seated if the voters of Alabama are to elect him, they are blowing smoke because the Supreme Court has ruled that as long as the voters are aware of the allegation ahead of time then it is fair to consider they have taken the alleged behavior into account when they cast their votes.

That was the case with DC Mayor Marion Barry who was re-elected after being found in a hotel room smoking crack cocaine while enjoying the company of a prostitute.  In fact, a plaque honoring Barry is currently being erected in Washington.

The high court’s ruling also opens the door to what happens when the truth is deliberately kept from voters in these instances and they do not have an opportunity to factor the aberrant behavior into their decision.

Remember, the Congressional violators have admitted their guilt, or been found guilty despite their contentions otherwise.  Roy Moore has been afforded nowhere near the same consideration.

Then there’s the fact that if anyone of the accused was convicted of rape they would not be eligible to vote let alone occupy a seat in the Capitol.  Make no mistake that an examination of the annual and average settlements shows such a disparate level of payments that at least some of the attacks must’ve been pretty egregious.

Take 2002 for example.  The annual payout was just under $4 million to settle 10 cases.  The year before the average payout was just over $17,000.  Whatever the offenses were in 2002 to warrant a 2200% increase in payout over the previous year had to be serious, very serious.

This leaves anyone with knowledge of the offenders and their offenses holding a hammer over the heads of legislators in order to guarantee their votes. 

If these names are released it might explain the votes of politicians that otherwise defy explanation.  There must be no place for extortion in our political process and the Congressional Office of Compliance appears to have been created for precisely that reason.

Release the names.  We have a right to know what we paid for.

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