Trump’s SC Justice, Neil Gorsuch Comes Forward, Fires Shot That Will Echo Throughout American History Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch just made a statement that everyone should be paying attention to.

While liberals continue to resent Neil Gorsuch, for no other reason than his being chosen and supported by President Trump, the rest of the country is noticing what an amazing Supreme Court Justice he is turning out to be. In a recent statement, Gorsuch can be heard stating the importance of maturity when it comes to politics, just because two parties don’t agree with each other doesn’t mean they can’t communicate and come to a middle ground with civility. This is something the left has clearly not been taught so maybe this lesson will be one they actually learn.
“To preserve our civil liberties, we have to work on being civil with one another,” Gorsuch said. “When others acted in an uncivil manner, you will be tempted to respond in kind…

“But it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable,” Gorsuch continued. “At the end of the day, your character is the most important thing in your possession. I’ve got pretty civil colleagues. Disagreement is part of the job description. It doesn’t stop us from having dinner together.”
A good disagreement can be hashed out while still remaining cordial with the opposition. It’s called beings grew up, liberals should try it out sometime.

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