Volunteers Shocked By What Mike Pence Does At Memorial

At the point when Vice President Mike Pence appeared at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., wearing pants and work boots, some were astonished. What he did next left everyone in participation staggered.

Pence and his better half, Karen Pence, landed at the remembrance on Veterans Day with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, as indicated by the Washington Examiner. Them three were dressed calmly, driving a few volunteers to ponder what they were doing there.

Then, the group pulled out buckets and sponges and began cleaning the wall.

“Moving start to Veterans Day,” Pence wrote in a tweet later that day. “Thanks to [New Day USA] volunteers who joined [National Park Service], [Zinke], Karen & me to clean the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Also inspiring to meet NPS ranger & veteran James Pierce. To all Veterans, we are grateful for your service & sacrifice.”

Zinke served as a Navy SEAL for 23 years, according to Mad World News. His current position means he oversees military monuments on the National Mall and part of Arlington National Cemetery, as well as battlefields where thousands of soldiers gave their lives fighting for their country.

While cleaning the memorial on Veterans Day, Zinke addressed Vietnam veterans who he felt were not given the same level of respect that service members today receive.

“A lot of the reason I received what I did and my generation [did] is because you did not,” Zinke said. “I think as a nation we should be ashamed at how we viewed your service, your dedication.”

He continued, “The monument behind me, I think, is not a tribute to victory or defeat, it’s a tribute to remembrance. We should never run away from our history as a country, we should learn.”

“The best show of affection and to recollect the individuals who have given their lives,” one peruser remarked. “To Vice President Pence and his better half you stood shoulder to bear with the individuals who have always remembered. GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF YOU WHO IN THE COLD FELT THE WARMTH IN YOUR HEARTS TO KEEP OUR MILITARY LOVED ONES REMEMBERED. VP Pence thank you for demonstrating that there is nothing you won’t do to keep trust and forward versatility of our nation alive.”

“I’m exceptionally grateful for the VP and his significant other and every one of the volunteers that assistance tidy up that divider for our warriors that didn’t influence it to over from Vietnam and may God favor them all,” another client composed.

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